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Name: Classified
Age: 16
Location: Believed to be living on Jupiter.
Aliases: TheGhost/TheEngineer/Jessica "Jess" Abrams
Gender: Female
Preference: Gender Null Pronouns (They, them). Authorizes public use of biological pronouns if an individual is not comfortable using prefered pronouns.
Orientation: Aromantic Asexual
Beliefs: Pentecostal Christian(=/= Religion; =a relationship with Christ )
Likes: Any kind of Video game, solitary moments, spending time with friends/family when in the mood to, friends and family, blowing stuff up, Battlefield, the Battlefield Friends, anthros, humans, drawing, other people's drawings, zombies, ghosts, and other dead things (Preferably in video games), all of their OCs and Fcs, all of their friends' OCs and FCs, creating Ocs/FCs and their backstories, roller coasters, Six Flags, movies, the Marvel Universe, Captain America, Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Deadpool, traveling, rainy days, reading the Bible and praying, confiding in God when needed, Cartoon Network, Roleplaying, military tanks and jets, Jeep Stuff
Dislikes: Anything in relation to sex, harassment and bullying, trolls, school, work, required readings, their old middle school, users, getting angry, people who look down on others (Esp. on this website), sexism, racism (Including slurs)

REF: Jess' Ref by ABattlefieldsGhost


Personality: Rather unpredictable at times. Usually overzealous/happy
Current State of Mind: Numb
Current Obsession Other than Battlefield : Ermac
Dying Obsession: Pagan Min
Availability: Any time they have time.
Drawing Motivation: Average.
:iconincyray: :iconneonslurpies: :iconjustateen10: :iconsiamesewolf: :iconcartoongirl444: :iconspectresinistre: :iconshaozchampion: :iconeverything-will-fade: :iconblackblockstar: :icon3zr4::iconrachelzoni: :iconrandyzeroni: :iconsparkshot11: :iconnikolaicreeper: :iconshadowspartanx: :iconblackmachinima: :iconanthrojoe::iconmarafranci: :iconjoeyjo: :iconparappatherapper22:

These people I love so much
:iconincyray: :iconneonslurpies: :iconjustateen10: :iconshadowspartanx: :iconeverything-will-fade: :iconmarafranci: :iconrachelzoni:
I love my Friends by Sedma I :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekko


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The Engineer/The Ghost
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Welcome to my page


Just a quick note: If you're interested in watching me, please watch me for my ART, and not my personal interests/common interests, watchbacks, and anything else not in relation to art. Thank you!

Status: Is more active on Facebook, Instagram, and G+
Starting to have an extreme distaste for this website.
Open for roleplays (Friends and ACTIVE watchers ONLY)

I'm Just Here
Pay No Mind to Me

I'm an introverted little awkward sausage with serious communication issues. I'm convinced I have some sort of personality disorder, but I've never paid a visit to a therapist, and chances are I never will. Despite this, however, I have a decent amount of friends, both in real life and on the internet, and I seem to get along with other people just fine.

I love videogames. I've been playing for as long as I can remember. I'll play any game, be it Madden, Sonic, Battlefield, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, and a hell of a lot of other titles and franchises I can't even name right now. My favourite genre, however, is the rather infamous First Person Shooter genre, with my favourite FPS franchise being Battlefield. But like I said before, that won't stop me from playing other games.

The artwork I have up here is really crappy, I'm not the greatest artist out there, and chances are I never will be, but I do genuinely enjoy drawing. Maybe not as much as playing video games, but it's up there. I tend to draw Lombaxes from the Ratchet and Clank videogames the most. It's not really because I like drawing them the most (While the games themselves are fantastic, I really don't like drawing it as much as you may think.), it's more so because it's the easiest for me to draw. I've been practicing drawing better humans, anthros, and dragons, however, so be on the lookout for those too.

Don't be shy to strike up a conversation with me. Like I said, I am an awkward sausage with lacking communication skills, but at least you'll help suppress my tendencies to unconsciously talk to myself. For the most part, I've been told I'm nice, anyway.

Stay Frosty Comrades.

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