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So I have a lot of things that represents who I am on this site. My mascot is the general Battlefield3/4 engineer from all of the teams. I mostly like the Russian Engineer from Battlefield 3, though.

My sona is completely different from my mascot. She represents me and my personality more than anything. (Although she isn't EXACTLY like me, huehuehuehue)

Jess Ref by ABattlefieldsGhost


:iconcomputerplz: :iconcomputerplz: :iconcomputerplz:

Battleloggers - SRAW

Battlefield Friends - Hardcore (Season 4 Finale)

Conquest and Kittens - Flood Zone

Battlefield 4 Through My Eyes 2 - Dragons Teeth Cinematic Movie

I don’t always spend my time on Youtube, but when I do, I’m watching a Battlefield video. Sorry for lack of diversity :c



(One of the few things I cherish just as much as Battlefield)

:iconincyray: :iconneonslurpies: :iconjustateen10: :iconsiamesewolf: :iconcartoongirl444:

:iconxwzrdx: :iconspectresinistre: :iconshadow009: :iconsmart-guy-with-a-gun: :iconblackblockstar: :icon3zr4:

:iconberrystarawesomeness: :iconrachelzoni: :iconrandyzeroni: :iconsparkshot11: :iconnikolaicreeper: :iconsavingprivateramirez: :iconshadowmaster5600: :iconblackmachinima: :iconanthrojoe: :iconardillapanfilo: :iconxpencilnpaperx: :iconmarafranci: :iconjoeyjo: :iconparappatherapper22:

I love my Friends by Sedma I :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekko


My favourite, dangerous, mute lunatic :iconshadowmaster5600:

Ghost isn't entirely my favourite character from a videogame any more. After Call of Duty: Ghosts came out, I finally realized how dull this character was in Modern Warfare 2. While I still do enjoy playing MW2, the title now belongs to. . .


Delsin stamp by LaraHaller
Delsin stamp 2 by LaraHaller


:iconmp3plz: :iconmp3plz: :iconmp3plz:

Green Day - Holiday

Skrillex - Right In

Deadmau5 and Kaskade - I Remember

Linkin Park: Points of Authority

TobyMac - Showstopper from Dubbed & Freq'd


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Hai There by ABattlefieldsGhost
Commission for shadowmaster5600 by ABattlefieldsGhost
Basically full body (Or if not full body, most of it) sketches of a desired character. Please, nothing too detailed! I'll only be taking 3 at a time. DO NOT USE THIS WIDGET TO PAY. This is only a display



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Welcome to My Page

Make yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable. You’re on one of those insane people’s pages. . . Again. So grab some popcorn, a nice drink, and enjoy what I have to offer on this messy little corner on DeviantART

Call me the Ghost, or the Engineer. I love videogames more than anything. I would consider myself to be a hardcore Playstation gamer, but I don’t have anything against Nintendo, Microsoft, or PC users. I’m not an elitist, and neither should you be. My favourite genre of games would certainly be the, rather almost infamous, First Person Shooter genre. My favourite video games are Battlefield 4 and it’s predecessor, Battlefield 3. I also play other games, such as Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Skyrim, and many others. I have a few Nintendo handhelds as well, where I usually play the occasional Sonic, Kirby, or Pokemon game. I just don’t spend too much time on those, though, because I just naturally prefer to play a fast paced explosive game that always has me thinking on my feet. Don’t like FPS? Don’t bitch about it to me. I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to other people’s personal tastes, which is why it bugs me when people try to change others’ opinions. Just leave them be. They’re happier that way.

As you can see from my gallery (If you’ve already seen it), it’s really just one big mess. I draw pretty much whenever I want, when I want, so the drawings you see are certainly not going to be consistent. However, I do enjoy drawing anthros and lombaxes (from the Ratchet and Clank series) the most, because I’m the most experienced in those. Still, I wouldn’t expect those to stay consistent either. Mostly, though, you’d generally see either some form of fanart, my OCs and FCs, and the occasional comic popping up in my gallery. They all aren’t that great to be honest, but if you do genuinely like my art, it is very much appreciated. And I’m being honest too. I practically get drunk on happiness when someone says they like my art.

As long as you're nice to me, my watchers, and my friends, I’ll be nice to you. Discrimination is not tolerated here, it’s either you respect everyone or GTFO. My server. My rules (Hehe, BF players might get that small reference).

Stay Frosty Comrades.



Art Services

The Gif Page of DEATH

I'm on the Battlelog and mostly, when it comes to gaming sites. If you're on another gaming site, let me know, and I'll come into contact with you on there.

Get Your Portable ID!

Link to my battlelog:…
Link to LBP.Me (Coming soon I'm just too lazy to provide the link now, lol)

If anyone visiting my page is new around dA, don't be shy to stop by and ask for help if needed. I love greeting new members :D


I'm a nutcase I'm telling you 8D

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I should be available during the week though.
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